Globact Mavic Mini CPL Lens Filter for DJI Mavic Mini/Mini 2 Drone Camera Lens Filter Multi Coated Filters



  • MAVIC MINI&Mavic Mini 2 LENS FILTERS: This lens filters accessories set features sharp AGC glass made in Germany with excellent grinding process, good physical and chemical properties, which is specifically designed for the DJI Mavic Mini camera.
  • Integrated modeling frame, No Dark Corner;Bronzing frame, Gorgeous & Elegant;Used with original gimbal protector, non-desturctive & quick installation, closely fit & nondestructive image
  • CPL FILTER – It is mainly used to eliminate harmful non-metallic reflected light, and increase the color concentration. It also enhances blue sky, highlights white clouds, makes the picture more thorough, improves image clarity and overall creates a more expressive and vivid photo. It is also often used in shooting through glass, water, and underwater scenery.
  • MULTIPLE COATING OPTICS: minimize reflections, flares and improves image quality, Hydrophobic Nano coating reduces fingerprints fog, water, and dust.
  • POLARIZED LENS FILTER: Polarized lens filters stay firmly attached, yet can be rotated easily so you can line up the correct polarization angle. The crystal clear glass is manufacture for high definition video